TREATMENT: 1 session, 2014
Letter Received from Patient’s Parents

Our son, Ryan, recently came to you seeking help with his PTSD as a result of surviving a helicopter crash which left his battle buddy dead.

Ryan has struggled with survivor guilt and PTSD since returning home to us. It affected so many areas of his life and was beginning to win it’s victorious hold over him. I actually feared for his life.

Through one of the Ranger forums he followed, he heard of you and made an appointment to come see you. A miracle happened in that time you spent with him. His wife saw something different in his eyes the very evening he returned home from seeing you.

Whatever you did made a huge difference in him. One we hope will continue in the days and years ahead. Somehow you knit back the ravels of his broken heart and for that, his dad and I are deeply grateful.

We will make a donation this year to your Institute so that you can continue the good work you obviously were created to do. Blessings to you and those you love during this holiday season and into the New Year.

TREATMENT: 1 session, 2014
Army Ranger

Text received two days after one trauma session:
Hey doc, it’s (Ranger X). I hope I’m not sending this too late, I had forgotten to check in with you today. I am doing GREAT! I feel so much lighter, my wife is absolutely amazed, as am I. Thank you so much for everything! I want to give it a few more days before I decide if I want to do another session. Have a great weekend!

Text received two weeks later:
Doc, I know it’s late and Thanksgiving … just wanted to let you know, we had the entire family over tonight. We have done this before but it usually ends with me drinking or in a room by myself trying desperately to pull myself together. This is and has ALWAYS been my favorite holiday. It’s all about family and no presents to screw it all up! Tonight, I had an amazing night and actually had a blast! THANK YOU, for giving my holiday back to me! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Text received:
One last thing, I had an appointment at the VA yesterday. My doctor said she almost didn’t recognize me. She sat and listened to how I have been over these past couple weeks. She was amazed at how I am doing and said if I wasn’t sitting in front of her, she wouldn’t have believed me! I think it’s safe to say, you can expect a call from her. Thank you so, so much for everything!

TREATMENT: 3 sessions, 2013
Robert, SOF

As a combat active duty veteran with several tours in Special Operations Forces, I can attest to the fact that not all fights in the military take place in the front lines. Dr. Carrie Elk and The Elk Institute have made a difference for me, especially after struggling with multiple medications and PTSD treatments with the military over four years. I was skeptical of the therapy at first, but I sensed the therapy immediately helped as I felt better about myself and those around me. Since my therapy sessions with Dr. Elk, I have not had angry outbursts or violent urges and I’ve also managed stress and anxiety better. I think this is truly a revolutionary therapy in treating symptoms of combat related PTSD.

I’ve had issues for many years and not sure how those negative feelings were triggered; but, over the years the snow ball effect became an exploding ball of hate for me and those around me. I cried often and sometimes got physically sick; I wrote profusely sad verbose about being hopelessly alone–I guess it was my survival mechanism. I blamed everyone for not understanding what happened in those conflicts and what I was exposed to and not to mention the sense of reliving the dark parts and brutal violence and sweat and tears you cannot forget.

After my ball burst, I went through CPT therapy and the proverbial molotov cocktail of SSRIs, and not to mention my drinking problem to help me cope. There was a time when I contemplated suicide trying to struggle with the physical pain and bouts with nightmares and rage. And all this festered for several years while my wife and family suffered. Now, I can honestly say after a few therapy sessions with Dr. Elk , I sense relief and have began to decrease my SSRI medication. I can say that I placed those negative memories and experiences in their proper place and I have more energy, and am a more functional person.

The journey I’ve been on will forever be a part of me and my story, but by doing something and talking about it, I can let some of the hurt go, and hope that someone else is helped by it. I strongly believe anyone dealing with PTSD or combat related stress will walk away from this therapy a better person.

For all those few, damn few, who’ve been down range,

Michael Schlitz | SFC (Ret), US Army
[email protected]

I am writing this to provide my deepest personal appreciation for Dr. Carrie Elk and The Elk Institute for Psychological Health and Performance. I have been following Dr. Elk’s work for over a year and seen firsthand her methods in treating our Nation’s Veterans.

I was injured in Baghdad, Iraq in February 2007 when an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) struck my vehicle. I was thrown from the vehicle and suffered 85% total body surface burns, loss of both hands due to the burns, and limited vision. The blast killed my entire crew consisting of my driver CPL Lorne Henry Jr., my gunner SGT Richard Soukenka, and my medic SGT Jonathan Cadavero. It has been a long recovery to deal with the injuries sustained as well as the loss of my Battle Buddies and Friends.

I have not sought out professional help to deal with my injury and loss however Dr. Elk has helped me deal with it through our personal discussions. I highly recommend her to any Veteran who is having trouble dealing with their experiences. Dr. Carrie Elk is a true professional with a passion for helping others.

I would like to personally Thank Dr. Carrie Elk and The Elk Institute for Psychological Health and Performance for the help I received as well as those I personally know. I hope more of our Nation’s Veterans would reach out for help so they too can move forward in life.

TREATMENT: _________, ______
Josh, former Green Beret

As far as the differences with you and other treatment I have participated in:

1) You were a lot safer to talk to and nobody would call my command.
2) You didn’t try to explain my feelings instead you let the feelings arrive and then we tried to figure them out.
3) Explaining that “me liking getting the enemy was a good thing” was a big win for me and your theory made sense.

TREATMENT: 1 session, 2012
Navy Special Forces, Senior Operator

Being a senior member of SOF I have always “powered through”. I powered through BUD/S, earned my Trident and deployed many times. In 2002 I experienced a traumatic event in combat and was never able to sleep or relax. I simply powered through.

After hearing Dr. Elk speak, I felt like she had just read my bio, I realized I suffered from PTSD and even though I was very nervous I scheduled a session. After ONE session I slept soundly for the first time in over 10 years and continue to do so ever since. I highly recommend that anyone who feels that they suffer from PTSD speak with Dr. Elk and get the help you need don’t just “power through”.